London Decompression is created entirely by volunteers – people just like YOU!

To get the most out of Decom, you need to get involved. From helping with welfare to making décor to cleaning up afterwards to working on the door, we have something you can do!

Shifts are usually a few hours and you’ll have plenty of time to party – and working at Decom is really, really fun!

Sign up today, and the relevant leads will be in contact soon!

Daytime, family friendly mini-burn. Volunteers will help with the setup, activities for kids, families and grown-ups.
Fluffers provide food and hot and cold drinks to the volunteers who are working during Build (Saturday day time, and possibly Friday too) and Strike (starting in the early hours of Sunday morning until it is over.) It is not an event time role and not to be confused with the Fluffing Cafe, which is a theme camp. Fluffers take shifts of a couple of hours, set up and maintain a fluffing space where volunteers can come for food, nibbles, hot and cold drinks, and a short break from whatever they are doing. Fluffers keep the area tidy and clear up at the end. Fluffers are very popular people, especially when serving coffee and bagels at 6am, for some reason.
LNT supports with mainly environmental sustainability – so we can help keep the party going. We’ll be working with the Strike and Greeters team getting practical info to theme camps, and general pop., on what they can do with resources/recycling
Lost and Found volunteers get a booth/table and liaise the Lost and Found during the event (shifts are about one to two hours), collecting lost items and taking contact details from people who have lost things in case they turn up later.
Rangers are burners who volunteer a portion of their time in service of the safety and well-being of their community. You walk around and make sure everyone is ok and having a good time, helping iron out the bumps.
At the end of the event the venue needs to be cleared of everything Decom related, and this requires lots and lots of volunteers. You can sign up in advance or volunteer on the spot at the end of the event when we'll need all hands on deck.
Welfare volunteers help provide a safe space and look after anyone who has partied a bit too hard or just needs to have a chat or a cup of tea. No previous experience required